Huge Event in Maine tonight!

      Ambassador Richard Bischoff is heading up to Maine to present the Vemma opportunity to prospects and work with current brand partners to help build their businesses.  This event is huge for Vemma207 and it really proves that we have been expanding at an incredible rate.  Think where we will be in a year??

Ambassador Richard Bischoff

Ambassador Richard Bischoff

The event will be at 5:00 PM in Hermon, Maine.  Contact a brand partner for the address.

 Be sure to free up your schedule tonight and bring some interested prospects!

If you don’t have anything going on, this will be a unique learning experience and a great way to get people excited about making money and getting healthy!

What does it mean to be a brand partner?

Upon activation you will receive:

  1. A free website used for marketing and sales.
  2. A Free Mobile app: send videos to new prospects, check in on your downline, track paychecks!
  3. With the builder pack you get a success kit, when utilized the system is very effective.
  4. With the builder pack you get a variety of Vemma products that will appease a wide demographics.
  5. You are buying into a proven system, plug in and grind hard.  Use your uplines!
  6. Full eligibility for the Rewards & Recognition Program, including a brand-new BMW paid for by Vemma.
  7. Achieve freedom and flexibility to be in control of your business, your time and your success.
  8. Everyone’s uplines need to be on their game because we are all helping each other. We have a corporate Home Office team of industry-experienced professionals dedicated to your success.
  9. Vemma has the accreditation needed for success, the Phoenix Suns would not put their name next to something that is not legitimate.
  10. Last but not least this opportunity provides: A lucrative income from products you never have to ship or exchange money for. No merchant accounts, shipping, processing, customer service or other tedious tasks.

Diamond rather than Platinum!

2013 c250

2013 c250JT1

Huge news Vemma207, Vemma has changed the rules so you can now qualify for the car at the Diamond level and not platinu,, making it that much easier to achieve what people across America are trying to do, drive a nice ass whip.  Work hard, be smart about it and you can be driving in one of these eventually.  Think of the car as that championship trophy you’ve always wanted.  It’s not impossible guys, get after it and grind hard!

This is Motivation!

This is Motivation!

Vemma 207, bringing it to a new level

Vemma207 is a happy partner with Brady Keezer Commercial Productions

Look forward to our installment of informative business tactic movies.  Brady is on deck to contribute to the vemma take over.  With over 200 members in the vemma207 network, we are growing huge so thanks for all your support guys!